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Japanese Koto Samurai Sword 1492-1532 AD Signed Bizen Kuni Osafune Suke Sada
Item #: DROL3048
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Here is an ancient Japanese Koto Samurai Sword 1492-1532 AD Signed Bizen Kuni Osafune Suke Sada on the tang. This ancient blade is polished and mounted in a Shirasaya -resting scabbard. The blade has a nice temper line as seen in photos and the tang is signed.. The full length of the blade is 29"including the tang. I have taken a lot of pictures for your viewing. Its an ancient weapon and with Bizen in the name it was a special order to a customer very high quality. This one does a have a paper and comps I see online go as high as $9500 for this maker.

History of maker and time period in Japan:

Around 1490 the power of the Ashikaga Shogunate finally started to decline radically thus ushering in what is called the Sengoku Jidai or Age of the Country at War. This period of constant warfare lasted until 1600 when Tokugawa Ieyasu defeated the forces loyal to the Toyotomi, which were led by Ishida Mitsunari. This was perhaps the most crucial battle in Japanese history and led to the eventual unification of the country under the Tokugawa Shogunate and ushered in a period of peace lasting over 250 years.

During this period of constant warfare, the sword makers in various parts of the country were making swords in record numbers in virtual sword factories. These mass produced blades are known as kazu-uchi mono and were thought of as being disposable. Two of the largest production areas were Seki in Mino Province and Osafune , in Biz Province with Bizen Province by far being the largest. Within Osafune the Sukesada group of smiths was the most prolific. Blades made in Bizen Province during this time period are called Sue Bizen meaning later Bizen.

It is the accepted theory that the swords made with this mass-production process generally have the signature beginning Bishu-Osafune , while swords that were made to order or conscientiously often have the signature beginning Bizen (no) Kuni Ju Osafune.

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Item # DROL3048

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