Original Regulation 1850 Rifleman Belt Percussion Cap Box Pouch
Item #: DROL814
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This type has long been known as a non regulation example Actually it was regulation during the 1850's. Not seeing any markings, I'm going to believe that it is a Allegheny Arsenal example. Many of these were in the depots seized by the Confederacy. They were most prevelent issues with the "rifleman's" belts. If you measure the inside of the belt loops, they should come up 2.35 inches. Looking closer, when holding the box looking at the back, the right loop is slightly wider than the left loop. I've refered to them as being leading (left) and lagging (right) in size. There is function to them being made that way. They left a little play to fit the body curve. The right is the main anchoring one. If you measure the total widths of the two loops, they will measure just about 11/4 in. wide which is the width of most single loop CS pieces. Back when I first discovered these, I bought a set of CS accouterments. The set was this type of cap box, CS embossed cart. box and a fabric roller buckle belt. The auctioneer wore the belt through out the beginning of the auction until it disintegrated. The pieces came out of Greensboro, NC but didn't have a user id. I sold both boxes to a very prominate author. It was through him that I learned the actual location of manufacture. On another note, it was these examples that became the pattern reference for the majority CS manufactured cap boxes. Some of the first CS mfg. cap boxes were made on the US 1845 patterns. ( finnel on front of the body) There were many complaints about the size of the bodys. These were later made larger on the US 1850 pattern. (known as the regulation pattern)
I've seen numerous pictures of Confederates wearing these I think one could safely say that more of this type was used by the CS until about 1863 than were used by Federal troops. I've collected them over the years. Most collectors don't know the history on these which tends them to be had at very little monies. I'm sure thats going to change in time. These "newer" dealers whom have all the answers will almost always make these out to be CS examples. What is rare today is to find one still on the "rifleman's" belt as they were first issued.. Even more scarce is to find the cart. box to go with the belts. This type is the cap box patter that I like to make most. Still have a little tweaking to do but I'm getting better. There is so much to study on these boxes. For example, look how the top of the body edge and bottom edges are beveled almost to a point then burnished to a slick edge Look at the sewing, it is slightly off the body with the stitching aligned by a heated iron and pressed deep into the leather. The nail holes is where the leather was tacked to the male body plug before sewing it together. I know, I'm the only nut who cares about these details. Looking at them one can see how things were going for the guy who made it. It was one of about 50 he had to make that day. Think about this, 1500-3000 made and delivered in a 90 day period. ALL by hand, no machines other than simple ones.
This is a good one to have in your collection. Enjoy it. Thanks for sharing it with me
Be safe.

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Item # DROL814
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